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Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mobile Mouse battery replacement

Looking for information on how to replace the rechargeable battery in the device.

Although Logitech advertises that the battery lasts up to a month, mine are lucky to last two days. I'd consider putting in a higher rated, or at least better quality battery if possible.


Update (10/11/2016)

Any thoughts on this? If anyone knows the specs of the battery I can try a replacement ...

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Thanks - I think I have a source for something around that size. Hopefully it's just the battery that's the issue and not the charge unit.


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I'm not for certain but I took mine apart without breaking it and the battery is superglued literally

I think I seen a 500mwh 3.7v 1.9wh Lithium Ion 2inches by 2.5 inches long rechargeable battery. basically the size of battery like this in my old mouse Logitech MX

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How did you get it apart? Would it be possible to silence the switches so they don't click without negatively impacting overall functionality?


yes you can, simply by placing down a piece of soft sticky foam tape, usually gaming mice come with something like this but preinstalled. The foam will block out noise since I have done this to a few mice. Here is a link to what the tape is. just don't place a lot, and if you have to you can cut a little bit of the foam off the match the width from top of the section you removed when its installed again.



Also, its easy but hard to not break the actual "button lever" that you press to make contact with the button. Those break off easily and once they break, it will be more work. unfortunately I don't have this mouse anymore so I can't be very specific on scew type or placement, but the screws are located under the mouse pads on the bottom of the mouse, if you decide to take it apart I suggest possibly getting spare mouse pads from Logitech support.


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