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Why is the screen too dim

My iBook's maximum brightness is much lower compared to some other iBook's (G4 800 MHz) and iMac G4's screen. Slider at System Preferences>Display is at the maximum and it is maximized with the help of keyboard brightness button, too. There have been an unanswered question about the same machine before:

Screen display not very bright?..

Maybe this time somebody knows the answer?

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Sounds like

backlight problems which could be the inverter, cable, the CCF lamp or (worst case) the VGC or logic board.

Start by attaching to an external monitor... if the problem follows it's either the VGC or logic board 8^(. If that display looks ok it could be the cable, the inverter or the CCF lamp.

In order of ease and lowest cause check over the cable connector and cable for cuts or shorts, then replace the inverter... If neither of those fix it the CCF or logic board is shot. I've never done just a CCF (I think its labor intensive and easy to muck up). I just replace the entire LCD - but that may be cost prohibitive, your call.

Remember to return and mark accepted the answer that best solves your problem.

Good luck,


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