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I Formatted Everything It Needs To Work.

I have an Alcatel One Touch Evolve 2 and I had plugged the phone into my HP laptop to transfer some more music to it and it told me that the computer could not recognize my phone and asked me to format it and me not thinking that it was going to erase everything the phone needed to work, I had formatted it. I thought it was only going to erase my SD card but that wasn't the case. Now the phone won't turn on and when I plug it back into my HP laptop, the computer will begin to scan the phone, but then it will stop. The computer will keep trying and the same thing will happen again. Is there any way that this can be fixed or am I stuck with a paper weight for a phone?

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This requires installing a custom system, You bricked your phone.

Google "How to fix a bricked phone", there are many ways. there are also youtube videos showing how

It is risky business

Its difficult to do though and requires some experience, You need Custom Recovery, System, Drivers, etc

Be careful when formatting a phone. only use the internal data wipe functions.

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Go into bootloader and do a factory reset. if you dont know how to get to bootloader just google it for your phone.

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thats the thing, i have tried to get the bootloader function to work but it just wont.


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