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The second iteration of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computers with a 7.0-inch screen. Model numbers: GT-P3105, GT-P3100, and GT-P3105.

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For Some Weird Reason, I Can No Longer Download Anymore Music/Games

I Just Need To Know CLEARLY How To Fix This Problem On My Device Without Resorting To Factory Reset, I Seriously Need For Someone To Tell Me Step-By-Step What It Is To Do In Order To Get My Tablet Downloading Like Normal Again. For Over 6 Months Ive Had This Pronlem And I Still Dunno Why.

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Hi, Can you access the internet alright? What happens when you try to download music/games?


Maybe you are out of storage space. If so, you can remove apps you don't need any longer or use an sd card for storage.


I Have More Than Enough Space, & An SD Card As Well Still I Get The Same Thing..,,


Hi @ambitiousdevon

What exactly happens when you try to download? have you checked that the download manager app is enabled (check in Settings > Apps > All scroll to find it)?


Its Enabled, It Says Its Downloading.... But When I Go To Check My Files, NOTHING IS THERE.


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so you are looking at the downloads folder on your internal (not removable) memory? Android by default saves to the internal memory. That's the first thing you do.

Can you download apps? If you can, download ES File Explorer. Its a great program and it has a download assistant that you can point to your external SD card. See if that works.

If not, a factory reset should fix the problem. Tab 2 is getting old and sometimes weird things happen that make it so a restore is the only solution.

Give those a try and then give us an update.

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No one ever wants to reset and lose data. But sometimes its the only fix.

Did you try the other things I posted?


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In order to have a solution to your problem, we're going to need more details on the issue you're having with your tab... Is there any error code? As far as factory reset goes, shouldn't be needed but in last resort you can always backup your stuff and then restore it later.

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Theres No Error Code AT ALL, It Just Says Its Downloading Content And Then When I Check To See If It Downloaded, NOTHING IS THERE.


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