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Wireless portable speaker in red connects with mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPods or any other Bluetooth device.

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In need of the small board that has charging port

Original Jambox has a small board that includes the on/off, the mini jack sound output, and the micro-usb charging port. My board has been destroyed (I inadvertently overheated with a soldering iron, trying to reattach the charging port.) I need either a non-working Jambox that has an intact board, or the board itself. Any help out there?

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Did you get the new connector?


Steve I have the same problem, but I dropped mine and disconnected the micro usb somehow. Im not very tech literate when it comes to knowing the exact piece I need, but did you find one? If you did could you give me the exact wording so that I may search and buy one online? or anyone


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Your best option is to pick up a faulty one from somewhere like eBay and gut the board. Then sell the remaining for spares.

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