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The second generation HTC One—dubbed the HTC One (M8)—features a dual flash and the new Sense 6 UI, and was released March 25, 2014.

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Unable to make/receive calls/texts

I am using a HTC One M8 with the provider BT, and have been for the last two years. As of about a week ago, for no obvious reason, I have become unable to make or receive calls and texts from this phone.

I have tried everything I can think of to fix the problem (even a full factory reset). When the 'Network Mode' is selected as '2G, 3G' the phone shows a connection to BT, 3G internet connection and a full mobile signal (even though unable to make calls etc). When the 'Network Mode' is changed to '2G, 3G, 4G Auto' the internet connection disappears and so does the mobile signal.

The SIM card appears to work fine in an older phone.

If the phone had been dropped, gotten wet or experienced any other form of potential damage, then I would assume it was a hardware repair issue. But because nothing has happened to obviously explain the issue I am experiencing, I am unsure.

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I had this problem once. I accidentally turned the airplane mode on. My phone worked just like you described.


Hi, You say that the SIM card works OK in another phone. Have you tried a different known working network compatible SIM card in your phone even if just to eliminate it as a possibility?


Other SIM cards have the same issue. I would normally assume that the phone has an issue e.g. broken Antenna. But I do still get a signal and the phone does still show a connection to the Network provider of the SIM.


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Have you tried a manual connection to your network by 'resetting' your provider's network settings?

1. Access your phones's 'Network' settings

2. From the list of available mobile networks, manually select any network other than your current network

3. You'll receive an error message stating something like 'Can't connect to selected network' or similar. Your mobile is now fully 'logged off' from all connection sessions with the original network.

4. After receiving the error, select the original network selection setting or automatic setting.

5. Your phone, will reconnect with a fully refreshed network session. This will take a short while.

6. To complete the session refresh, switch your phone off then on again

7. See if your service is working now.

Update (10/17/2016)


My only suggestions now are that it could be a faulty SIM card reader or a loose antenna connection. If it is not one of these then the problem is most probably on the motherboard. Whilst unusual these days electronic components can still occasionally fail through no fault of the user.

In this instance fortunately for you the SIM card reader is actually a removable module which makes it easier to replace, although still not easier to get at.


This link to the Ifixit guide on how to replace the motherboard shows in Step 11 the two antenna connection points. One is for the WiFi/BT and the other is for the phone network.

HTC One M8 Motherboard Replacement

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I have already tried this as well. When I try to call the phone from another number I hear the message 'Sorry, calls are not currently being connected to this number'.

It's almost as if the phone itself has been blocked!



Don't know if you've tried this or have this where you are but I am wondering if your phone has been blocked by its' IMEI number. This is what I mean.



I have considered that as well. I've had the phone for the last 2 years so don't know how someone else could report it stolen. Besides, I've checked with both BT and HTC and they say the phone is fine.



You say that you get a BT connection when in 2G/3G mode but cant make calls etc. Sorry for being pedantic but what happens when you leave the phone connected in 2G/3G mode and then you call the phone number from another phone? What response is given to the caller and on your phone if any?


When in 2G/3G mode and thus with signal, 'Sorry, calls are not currently being connected to this number'. When I have no signal the call goes straight to voicemail.


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Here is a link that explains how to turn off airplane mode. Tap or click on the blue link. I hope this helps. Good luck!


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Appreciate the help, but as I've said, I have gone to the extent of a full factory reset. Therefore something as simple as toggling Airplane mode on/off, is something I have already tried.


wouldn't that be obvious if APM was on? ... -.-


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I too have been experiencing messages saying SIM REMOVED and SIM ADDED so I replaced my sim card reader inside my HTC one M8. Made no difference but after reading another article I have now turned off my location and so far no more messages.

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Sigh.. Another reason why I think HTC phones aren't worth buying.

M7, M8, M9 so many annoying issues, soft bricking, gps issues, signal issues, sim readers getting worn out / going bad way too quickly. All pretty much have thermal throttling and too much heat issues.

M7 especially with rear camera going bad. Replacing it solves the issue but only for a short amount of time it will just come back again most likely due to the rear camera overheating which is silly.

They also are a pain to repair, easy to rip cables, so many screws and cables to remove just for screen replacements or battery replacements.

Sony Xperia Series, fine when not dropped but hassle when screen cracks because the design of how the screen sticks on is horrible, makes it hard to have replacement screens that sit on properly and yeah thermal throttling and heats up a lot too. I think of their phones as fragile and expensive to replace screen.

End of rant. Don't mind this comment here.


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