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picture distortion and view scrambled

i have intermittent picture distortion and the message says weak or no signal and to check aerial connection and saved channels. The picture then is scrambled and rolling. the aerial connection is fine and what else should I do?

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dekockelize61 what is the exact model of your TV? How is the picture when you connect a DVD player or other input to your TV?


Hi, Try using the inbuilt signal level meter to view the actual level of the signal difference between when it is working and when you have interference. Most TVs have it.

You might be getting interference from electrical equipment that is not properly suppressed. It doesn't have to be in your house it could be one of the neighbours if it is strong enough. e.g. an arc welder or even a motor vehicle for instance


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Hey dekockelize61!

When I've seen this happen, it's usually due to a couple things:

1. The coaxial cable is bad.

> Make sure the ends of the cable are screwed on tight.

> If one end of the cable goes to an external antenna AND it's not 'booted / covered / weather o-ring sealed' then water or moisture may have gotten into it and needs replacing.

> Without a cable tester, the quick and dirty is just to replace the cable with a new one to rule out the cable.

2. The connection and/or tuner on the TV has gone bad.

> I've seen this happen after power surges. If your TV is not on a small power strip with surge protection, then it's likely taken a power surge which may have messed up some components. I'd need the model, etc. for more troubleshooting. But in these cases, outside of manufacture warranty, smaller TV's aren't worth the repair. A larger screen (> 40") is usually where it's worth the repair -but I'd still price parts, etc. to see.

Another possibility is the antenna -it could have taken a hit or just gone bad (depending on what kind you've got).

Warm regards,


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