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The Sony Xperia Z5 Android smartphone was released in October 2015. The Sony Xperia Z5 features 5.2 inches 1080 x 1920 pixels display and is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor alongside 3GB RAM and a 23 MP rear camera.

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My phone repeatedly notifies me about headphones


So my Xperia Z5 took a Tumble in the ocean today, so being conscientious about the ravages of salt on terminals I took it home and rinsed it in clean, cool water. All seems to be fine other than the fact that it keeps saying I have headphones plugged in every second or two and then it disappears and then notifies me again a second or so later... The problem has been persisting for about 30 minutes or so now. I tried drying the terminals in the headphone jack with some tissue paper tightly twisted into a point but it still keeps repeatedly notifying me, which seems to be causing the board to heat up. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Hi Elliot,

The Sony Xperia Z5 is IP65 and IP68 waterproof, meaning, it can handle 1.5 meter underwater for 30 mins or less.

I found this while searching for IP68"

"Do not expose the device to salt water or ionized water. If your device is exposed to salt water, wash the device with fresh water, and then dry thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth. Otherwise, when it dries, salt may accumulate and block the primary microphone, earpiece, and external speaker."

Because you got salt water on the phone, I have a feeling your aux jack might be corroded (and your phone is now labelled as water damaged).

I would recommend turning the phone off (to avoid any permanent damage) and bringing it to a repair shop. Have them take a look at it. It could be an easy fix but if you keep trying to turn it on and allowing it to get hot, your phone may be damaged way beyond repair.

Best of luck.

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