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I need to replace my phone motherboard

How could i order one online? how can chose the correct one?

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manahmed72 check on here. It is important to read this "iPhone 6s logic boards are "locked" to a particular cell service provider. ". Best you can do is to contact the sales staff prior to placing any order, on here. Let them know what you are looking for. Any other place where you might get those be aware of crokked deals. Some of those boards end up useless to you since they might be iCloud locked and cannot be activated etc.

iPhone 6s Logic Board Изображение


iPhone 6s Logic Board


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Go to these sites and it will explain everything.



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I couldn't find any motherboard in the site


@sabbyannlynn Very sweet of you to take time to try to help others with a busy career like yours. Welcome to the site. You might want to try to do a little research more specific the the original posters specific issue. Your links were much to general and of really no use. A link like this helps get to the specific iPhone, parts and where they can be ordered: https://www.ifixit.com/Store/iPhone/iPho...


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