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This computer came with Windows XP, a DVD-ROM drive, and a optional floppy drive.

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How I repair sound computer dimensiom b110

I have a sound problem. No sound despite i have

Definitions and speaker too

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Anir Chichong what version Windows or other OS are you using? Checked to see if the device manager shows anything odd? Your sound does show up? What have you tried?


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Without more information its difficult to tell for sure whats going on.

The speaker wires could be bad, try a headset.

Is the sound system muted?

Are the drivers gone bad/corrupt. Uninstall them and reinstall with freshly downloaded ones.

My own previous computer, the sound plugs in the front went. Oh they worked, but no sound would actually come through. (Windows would announce something plugged in but never any sound) Check the sound app to ensure you have the right configuration, and if you have multiple speaker plugs try all combinations of settings and locations for your headset and/or speakers.

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