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Machine-readable instructions that direct computer processors.

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TRIM and firmware support on SSD drives for Mac OS X 10.6

I would like to know some additional information about mac OS and their TRIM (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRIM )and firmware update support.

Is TRIM support important or not?

lots of people seem to think so and mac os doesn't support it yet or have anything similar. This is one of the articles I found providing information on mac and TRIM : http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/apple/2...

Also there is a current lack of support for firmware updates for an SSD via Mac os too. it's my understanding firmware updates will delete an SSD drive (sure you can use another machine to do it = more work).

Some people depending on the purpose of their mac have noticed slow downs, esp for heavy hard drive uses.

Linux should be supporting it in the next kernel release althou i can not confirm this (can't find article). So it appears to be gaining popularity, as a supported standard, Windows 7 supports it since it's release.

For now I am using black edition western digital drives. I am fairly sure mac will support in the future or provide their own version. Or the firmware will get more advanced offering a hardware only solution, so far this attempt has failed.

With the growing number of brands, models, firmware and controllers SSD's use, this is a complicated issue, mac does offer their own SSD now and I have not found anything supporting their OEM version to be any better.

Any information or input might help address these concerns and put them perspective for people including myself considering an SSD upgrade.

Is there a brand/model that supports Mac better then others?

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From my sweet rep at Mac-Parts:

OWC, Intel and a few other SSD manufacturers offer an utility that mimics what TRIM does. SSD Over-Provisioning is the technique used and by providing extra memory capacity (which the user can't access) the SSD controller can more easily create pre-erased blocks - ready to be used in the virtual pool. This is beneficial for two reasons:

1. If a cell goes bad the over-provisioned cell will takes its place

2. faster overall write IOPS because there is no slow down while files are being erased and rewritten

All OWC SSD’s are made with the SandForce SF-1200 architecture that utilizes the over-provisioning technology. In essence, a portion of NAND is allocated for data storage and the remainder reserved for transaction and cache buffer space.

2 beneficial effects of Over-Provisioning are:-

• faster overall write IOPS, and

• better reliability

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