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"Accessoire not supported" after replacement


There was a bit of dust inside my charging dock, and it was so hard to get out so I replaced my charging dock.

Now suddenly it says "accessoire not supported", even if I use different cables and charing ports...

What is the problem here?


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The charging dock might be a faulty replacement one. Even if it's so hard to get dust out keep trying on the old one. I'm sure you will get it out. Just don't break the pins inside the charging dock.


If it's not a faulty flex u may have damaged the ic's by the charging port connector on the board.


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These questions are too old. It's from last year @c9679 its a crappy part they bought off eBay. Needs to be replaced with quality one

iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack

iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack Изображение


iPhone 5 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack


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Gosh sorry never noticed the date might still help future generations lol


You're good @c9679 just glad you're helping. We need help! Haha. Welcome to the team


@theimedic I get responses every day on questions I answered in 2010. People search those old answers and I spend some time everyday looking to see if I do have an answer on old questions. Sometimes the solution was not developed at the time the original question was asked. Also with Mike out, I could use some help on determining if answers warrant an up vote, especially on the phone questions. Those votes don't just magically appear, someone has to give them. Yeah, more time.


@mayer I was being a jerk when I said that. These things need to get taken care of. I'm doing what I can. But I'm not Uncle Old Turkey!


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