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Model M4753 / 233, 250, 266, 292, or 300 MHz G3 processor

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Confusion about choise of processor for my 233 MHz WS

I recently tried to upgrade my 233 MHz Wallstreet. i have it running now with 512 mb ram.

With a 300 MHz processor I had trouble; could only run Mac Os classic 9 on it and hardly boot from a cd rom. I destroyed this processor before trying out different sets of ram.

On backside of computer it says:

14.1TFT/233MHz-512K/32MB/4MB video/CD/Modem

Can you help me finding out what would be the best processor upgrade?

Much appreaciated

Thomas Lohse Nilsson

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Go here and select the processor you would like to upgrade to: http://www.wegenermedia.com/wllstp.htm#e...

Email Darlene at FastMac and she may be able to help you:<Darlene@Fastmac.com>

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