Scan and pdf led's both light on power up...non responsive

The main desktop scan unit "SCAN" and "PDF" LED's found on the desktop scanner body both light green upon power up. The led buttons are not jammed. Pushing the buttons will not change the lights. Adding paper does not help. Toggling the outside on off switch does not help. Plugging the USB wire into the unit and connecting to a computer does not have any effect. The computer runs Neatworks version 5.4 and now 5.7. Toggling on the soft "scan" button in software results in gettingt a message that the scanner is not available. No amount patient switching on or off the button helps. There is no reset button visible. The unit has no fractures or loose parts within. I have poked about and pulled off the plastic paper feeder sheets to see if there is a roller/feed jam but can find nothing. There is a plastic carrier bar inside the lid of the unit. It is not jammed. it springs back and forth a bit in a normal fashion when I push on it. The unit is not yet disassembled. Recollection indicates the unit may have been dropped recently on a soft wooden floor from desk level but there is no outward sign of damage. I suspect a loose connection somewhere within. But maybe others have some experience at this effort to unjam the machine before I attack it.

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Have you tried connecting to it with a different device if you have one?


It does not matter. Plugged in or not to the port, the two LED's light up when I switch on the on/off switch. When I change. There is no communication along the USB line at all because the scan/pdf switche system seems frozen ON. I've looked into the unit and pulled off a few forms to inspect for stuck fittings. There are none. Next step...take off screws on plastic housing and check wires. But I don't have my tools handy. Nothing rattles. Why would I get power to both LED's even before putting in paper. Could both the little switches have been jammed ON somehow


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