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The Nintendo 3DS XL 2015, marketed as the New Nintendo 3DS XL, was released October 11, 2014 in Japan and February 13, 2015 in North America.

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Motherboard ribbon cable connectors not locking

Just as the topic mentioned, some ribbon cable connectors are not locking like how the connector of circlepad works (they don't have the plastic flap for locking/releasing the cable) , and I am having trouble with it because now the mic, the home button and probably other parts that have this kind of connector are not working.

I am prepared to get a replacement motherboard (because I got a bit frustrated and raged, causing me to break the whole connector) but can someone tell me how those connectors are supposed to work? Are they not supposed to be pried open and the ribbon cables are just supposed to be pulled out without anything done to the connector? Or is there some other ways to lock it?

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I am not familiar with the 3DS in particular but basic ribbon cable connectors are hinged and meant to be lifted up on the side the ribbon cable is one. When resetting a cable you leave the flap up, place the ribbon cable in the connector and ensure it is seated properly (usually you will feel it and there is sometimes a white line to help) then close the flap.

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There are connectors with a plastic flap to lock & release the cable but not the one I am having trouble with, but thanks anyway.


If it is not this type then usually the ribbon cable will simply push into a female connector or there will be a male plug attached to the ribbon cable and then a female socket on the board. These can be somewhat annoying but they simply plug into each other, you just have to make sure they are lined up before you push on them too hard.


I actually checked the motherboard replacement guide here (just saw it) and the connectors that I'm talking about don't have flaps or anything to secure the cable but holding it only by friction and they can be plugged in or pulled out freely which is basically what you said so thanks :D


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