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Hasbro released this Furby model in 2012. Furby is intended for young children and up to young adults.

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Where can I find the Furby 2012 App?

I'm looking for an app to interact with my Furby through my smartphone or tablet.

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== Hey um, are you Miles Drazkowski. I’m a ten year old. But I’ve had my furby 2012 for a long time. I recall when I was around five years old. I played with that furby. We danced, we sang, we conversated, and I fed the little guy. But now the developers have not updated the game. Why is this happening? Who ever manufactured that game needs to go back and updated. For all I care delete that furby connect app. It’s not a terrible app but Furby was WAAAAAAAAAAYYY BETTER . I’m gonna contact developers. Oh what am I saying ==

I cant do anything I’m only ten someone help me out


Hey since I am a fan of old furbies from 2012 I want to use the Furby 2012 app but it dose not work on ios11 could you please fix that?


How do I get a app for my Furby that is 11


How do I get the app on my I phone


Why when your feeding the 2012 furby does it say that you missed and when you try it again it says that furby has stopped


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The Furby 2012 app is available for iOS and Android devices, and is on both store pages under "Furby" by Hasbro Inc. The new Furby Boom has its own app under "Furby Boom," and it is not compatible with the Furby 2012.

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Umm the app says the developer hasn’t updated to my phone an iOS 11


Same problem as you


you keep saying Yes well how do you do it, yes doesn't help if you don't give instructions


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