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Hasbro released this Furby model in 2012. Furby is intended for young children and up to young adults.

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My Furbies aren't communicating with each other?

I have two Furbies and I am trying to get them to talk to each other but it's not working.

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You would have to buy new furbies or return to Hasbro to fix them


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Furbies communicate with high pitched sound waves that aren't audible to most people. This communication is very sensitive and will be difficult to pick up by the Furby microphone if there is any background noise. Try putting the Furbies somewhere with less background noise and this should fix the problem.

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Pardon the intrusion but I bought three broken furbies to tear down and build guides. I've got two running so far. I did not know about high tones. Is this why my dog goes nuts when they are on?


I read about the high tones on this blog as well as the Furby FAQ website under the section "There is a high pitched tone coming from Furby and/or my iOS device."

Furby FAQ: http://www.furby-southafrica.com/pages/d...

Blog: https://poppopret.org/2013/12/18/reverse...


Jordan, thanks for the clarification. Will ya'll be doing a teardown and repair guide?


Yes, we will be doing a teardown. We are currently working on finalizing our first repair guide. All of our repair guides will be posted within a week from today.


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