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Fitness and sleep tracking band that also displays caller ID information when paired with a smartphone app. Released in November 2014.

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My fitbit wristband is peeling off

How can I repair my fitbit wrristband which is peeling off and posing the risk of the fitbit getting lost

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can I get a response please!!


The plastic piece behind the info strip has broken and fallen off. Nowhere to be found so i need that plastic piece replaced.


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Hello, I was having this same issue too. All I did to fix it was use some super glue on the band.

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OK, i will try that. BUT does Super Glue not burn the actual Fitbit (and leave a white stain mark) since it is made from hard plastic material


It shouldn't be visible as long as you put it under the band and don't put too much on. I've been doing this on my fitbit for a while and it hasn't burned. It should be good as long as no contact with the board is made by the glue.


Thank you Rob, i will give it a try


I am also facing the same problem...i need sol.


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