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The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, produced by Samsung, is an Android based tablet which was released on January 2014.

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Why does my tablet not seem to turn on?

I press the power button on my tablet, but it doesn't seem to do anything. The screen isn't lighting up, and I can't hear anything. Is my device broken?

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1. The Battery Might Need to be Charged

Plug in the tablet to a power adapter and see if the device turns on after being connected for a few minutes.

2. The Power Adapter May Be Faulty

If your device is plugged in but still does not appear to be charging, your Power Adapter may be faulty. Consider purchasing or try using another adapter.

3. Try Performing a Device Power Reset

Hold down the volume button 10-15 seconds

Troubleshooting Page: Samsung Galaxy Pro 8.4

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