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The Toshiba Encore WT8-A is a touchscreen tablet running Windows 8.1.

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My battery dies very quickly.

I charge my device all night but when I use it the next day, it lasts a maximum 2 hours.

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You will most likely need to replace the battery. The factory battery may become depleted very quickly and therefore may required to be replaced to achieve longer-lasting battery life.

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As Zachary said before me, you most likely might be considering a replacement battery.

However, recently I've been using an old Samsung S3 phone which seemed to only like to maintain a 2-3 hour charge regardless of the fact I can leave it plugged in for 10 hours or 10 days. A simple walk to the store less then 10 minutes away, with a 40 minute round trip (shopping) would result in the phone being well under 20%.

The last two weeks however It's managed to maintain a charge (staying over 20%) for over 10 hours or longer.

What did I do you might ask?

Bought a new charging cable. One that said 'data and charging' on the packaging. (I had been using a lighter weight cable intended for a smart watch)

Good luck.

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