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won't download pictures to my PC

Have downloaded hundreds of photos to my PC, but today the camera doesn't know the cable is attached to it. The cable is not tight in the port either.

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First thing I would do is try to plug it into another USB port, then attempt another cable if you have one.

Also check the port to make sure there is nothing blocking the plug from seating properly.

Next is recycle the power on the mobile device (phone, camera, etc) and from there consider a reboot of your computer.

Alternatively, is the data on a sd-card or is it on the devices memory?

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sd-card is used


If the SD-Card is in use, and that is where the images in question are, I would suggest investing in a external SD-Card adapter for your PC. In fact if its a laptop, most already have one installed. Some Desktops also.

You should be able to hunt one down for less then $20 (should is the keyword here) I have two myself.

At the very least you'll be able to get your data. Unless there is something wrong with that plug itself. Which you can test with another device (or this adapter with the sd-card plugged into it)


Hello Thomas....thank you so much for taking the time to answer. You were very helpful as I rebooted my PC and am now able to download. Paint me Happy!


You're welcome, enjoy.

Just remember, sometimes a reboot of devices is all it takes.


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