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Model A1347 with 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor.

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Mac Mini beeps on boot , after HDD replacement and RAM swap?

So I just swapped in a PNY 240gb SSD into my Mac Mini and also replaced it with Crucial RAM (two 4GB sticks). When I turned it on, the Mac started beeping. (1 beep every 5 seconds). I read around saying it was the RAM, I swapped the standard back into the slots, and nothing. Is there anyway to tell if it was because I screwed up the SSD install?

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Hi Derek !

You have been well informed. A bac beeping that way on startup means that the ram was not correctly inserted. Beware, removing RAM is pretty easy to do but to replace it correctly, you need to press it firmly so it is well connected. I had the same problem the 1st time I changed RAM in a mac, just had to insert it again with a more significant amount of strength and it did the job.

In addition, I would suggest to try this after inserting the new ram :

  • Unplug your computer, and press the start button for 10s, plug it back in
  • Start your computer and immediately press simultaneously alt+cmd+r+p which resets the PRAM

Hope this helps!

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Hi Vincent! I tried everything you suggested and nothing seems to be working. I threw the old hard drive back and all it does is make the beeps take longer before they are heard (it's on it's last leg and is practically dead). Should I try purchasing new ram? Or is my ram slots fried?


Re-seat the RAM again, make sure you compare yours to this image: Image of a properly seated RAM module, The beep code is a RAM error so focus on that. You may had damaged the slot if you had to force the module in (hopefully not).


Is there anyway I can tell if I damaged the slot?


Without having a second one to visually compare the best I have here is the image I posted. If you want take some good clear images of the modules, slot directly in and from the side and lastly, with the module seated in the slot and paste them here so we can try to see if its damaged.


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