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Repair information for the Asus Transformer Book T100TA. Released ~2013. Model number: T100TA .

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Replaced the screen and there appears to be a watermark on it.

Hello! I replaced my screen on my Asus T100TA and it is working fine and everything (touchscreen works fine), but there seems to be some sort of large area on the screen that looks kind of like a watermark. When you use a suction cup it temporarily disappears to that tiny dot on the second picture (it also is lighter behind it), but after pressure is applied on the touch screen or the computer is closed it comes back. I was wondering if anyone knew about this issue and knows how to fix it. Thanks!

Block Image

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Sounds like there is some sort of air bubble or extra space left over from the screen replacement. I would recommend taking it off again (if you did it yourself, otherwise take it to a repair shop) and making sure everything is perfectly smoothed out as you put it back on. Otherwise it may just be a small warping of the touch screen itself, in which case it should still be in warranty since you just replaced it and you can get a different one. Hope this helps and happy halloween!

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@definitive that is some pressure damage. Not much you can do to repair. Either you learn to live with it or replace the screen again. I'd contact the vendor where you purchased the screen from and see if you can get it replaced.


Same problem. Got the “watermark” after using spray contact cleaner to clean on/off switch and power port. Looks like I’ll live with it as i dont want to pop for a new display.


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