How can I fix my phone, it wont hard reset

Hi, I have a Motorola razr m that this afternoon decided to be an ass and just stopped working, first it gave me the acore has stopped working, followed by messenger has stopped working, kik, and whatsapp, so i did a soft reset, and it was normal for a few mins but then, homescreen stopped working, callendar, basically everysingle app that I have, has stopped working, so i said screw it, i will factory reset it, it wont let me do it from the setting, so I try to hard reset it, by going to the recovery and all that stuuf, and when I hit, yes erase all user data, it takes it about, one second and says its done, so i reboot it, and i didnt do nothing! everything was the same, i did it ten times, and nothing, everything stills the same, keeps giving me the same problems, and i honestly can't find any webpage that can help me with this issue.

please, someone help me, I heavily rely on my phone, now days....

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If you can provide a few more details I may be able to help...

What's your phone's model number, which android version is it running?

Also, is the phone rooted? has the bootloader been unlocked? Did you recently do an OTA update? which carrier does your phone use?


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