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iPhone 6 v 6s?

Hello persons of interest,

I have been fixing phones for a while now, I've done hundreds. I am a student so its a nice side job to have, college kids get drunk and break their phones... A LOT. I've fixed 6's and i've fixed 6s's but it seems that as soon as the 6s Plus and the 7 came out that I'm having to jump through more and more hoops to find the screens I need.. screw you Apple!

I have the suspicion that the iPhone 6 LCD assembly is different from the iPhone 6s LCD assembly when it comes to the display ribbons. Are they different or can someone confirm they are the same? It would be nice to just buy a %#*@ screen but it seems hard to find the LCD replacement for a 6s but I can easily find the replacement for a 6.

I need to confirm they are the same so I can get these screens ordered. Thank you for all the help in advance!

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6 and 6S are different screens.

PS: Apple doesn't make the replacement screens you buy or even the screens that iPhones ship with, so I'm not sure why you are cussing them out. I haven't had any problems getting replacement screens in a long time, so I'm not sure why you are. iFixit has plenty in stock, so do other reputable vendors. I would highly recommend ordering from a place that has good after sale service.

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What this guy said ^^

6s is bigger and has a slightly stronger processor and a better camera. It's not worth it in my opinion.

iFixit is legit as !&&*. Honestly it's not difficult to learn to do it on your own there are so many guides. Start off with some super cheap phones you'll get the hang of it.

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Also it has 3D touch and the vibration motor feedback is noticeably different from the 6. Also has support for Apple Pay as it has a NFC. Technically it should have better battery life due to improved processor (not sure if it has a slightly larger battery).


@benjamen50 the iphone 6s has a slightly smaller battery due to the size the taptic engine takes up


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Every iphone release have unique LCD screen size. An if you are planning on replacing orinstall an LCD for your iphone, you have to buy them.

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