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The Epson Artisan 1430 is a color inkjet photo printer.

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Why is my printer printing blank

my epson artizan 1430 is printing, but printout is absolutely blank. is the problem on ink? please, help me.

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It sounds like you are out of ink. The only alternative is the nozzles or heads that spray the ink could be clogged or letting insufficient amounts through.

That said, you'd see something at elast on each page.

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This error occur due to the reason of few things :

  • Empty cartridge
  • Disconnected Cartridge.
  • Incorrect proper size.
  • Closed nozzles.
  • These is really frustrating because when we want to urgently printing any document and suddenly you face this issue. You don’t know how to fix this issue quickly.
  • Empty Cartridge: You should check the ink/toner level in your cartridge. Check the ink/toner level and replace when necessary.

You can fix epson and '''hp printer printing blank pages''' by these method.

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