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How do I replace the bezel on the iPhone 4 without teardown?

Hi guys,

I want to replace JUST THE BEZEL on my Iphone 4.

I have seen many websites offering replacement bezels for the Iphone 4, which I would love to buy, however I cannot find a video or anybody explaining how to do it.

Is there a way to replace the original bezel with a brand bezel one easily, or do I have to teardown the whole phone to get to it?

Thanks in advance.


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take a look at the teardown and any of the display repair guides and you can clearly see that the bezel is one of the last parts that you get to. it's the "glue"for the front display and innards of the phone... so no, I don't think there'll be an easy swap.

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Thats what I'm dreading as I've never attempted a teardown before and so don't want to mess up the phone! Is a teardown easy to tear back up i.e putting it all back together, or should I just leave this to an expert?


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Follow the complete tear down video to take apart the device.

Then follow it backwards to put it back together. That's how I did it.

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It's not too bad if your organzied. I changed mine to the black one. My tips would be to first print out the screw chart.


If you changed the screen before, it shouldn't be too bad because you're only going to be taking a few more things out......( Home button, speaker dock, Headphone jack/silent button/volume button flex cable, Power/speaker flex cable.

OH! Something important. Do buy some adhesive strips for the screen. Buy a few (Even though you only need one.) but you can use those strips for other places that orignally had adhesive.

Another thing important to replace is the LCD Heat Shield Dissipation Film. Its a strip that you place on before the screen. It prevents over heating.

Umm...Oh yea you'll need the mesh grills for the bottom speaker.

But do watch the videos on this site first to get an idea what you're going to get yourself into.

If you have any questions or ran into problems let me know. (gotdagigglez@gmail.com)

I don't work for apple but I sure feel like a pro with the amount of things I did to this Iphone!!!!

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It is not something that can be replaced without teardown. Not only is adhesive holding it in place, but the ten screws are also keeping it from blowing away. The bezel is also the reason AT&T and CDMA front panels are not compatible (the actual LCD and digitizer are interchangeable with the proper bezel).

Wish there was a quick fix. Sometimes you just need to put in a fair amount of time to reap the spoils :-)

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