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12.1" business laptop released in June 2012 by Lenovo. This laptop uses multiple product numbers, which vary based on configuration.

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Why is my ultranav not working?

The ultranav cursor does not respond or move when trying to use ultranav..

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If you are running Win 10 have you checked that you have the latest Ultranav drivers installed?

Here is a link to the download page for the driver for your laptop. In the component selection box (half way down the page, select Mouse and Keyboard. In the Operating System box next to it select Win 10 32 bit. Click on the download link for the UltraNav driver.


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If you are having issues with you Ultranav first verify that it is enabled. To do this go to Device Manager, right-click on the properties under Ultranav driver, and then check the status of the device, if disabled, change to enable Ultranav. However, if your Ultranav is not installed check the following link to install it: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/download.

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