Remote operation doesn't always work.

I have a Hitachi 42HDS69 Plasma TV. The unit will not always respond to the IR. (will not always turn on). I can usually turn off, and on, the Master off switch to make the unit operate. There are no other problems. Can anyone tell me if I can just replace the power supply to eliminate this issue? Is there a dedicated IR board that I can replace? I'd appreciate any help.

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@tvfixit42 yes there is a IR receiver. It is on the LED power board at the front of the panel.

Block Image

Problem will be to find it but sometimes they are available at places like this. Use the DW2-U LED PWB search string

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Have you proved that the remote control unit is working OK?

Using the camera in a mobile phone (or any digital camera), turn on the camera and then point the remote control at the camera. Whilst looking at the camera display, press a button on the remote. You should see the IR LED in the remote flash. Try various buttons in the remote as usually the Power, Volume and Channel Up/Down buttons wear out first.

If the remote is faulty here is a link that in general describes the principle of repairing a remote control unit.

I suggest however , if the remote is faulty to use the edge of an old plastic credit card to open the plastic catches in the remote case as it will cause less cosmetic damage than using a screwdriver as shown in the video.

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Thanks Jayeff:

I've eliminated the remote control unit as the trouble. My problem is definitely inside the television at the IR receiver. I'm hoping the trouble is localized to the power supply itself and can be repaired by replacing that board. The next project will be finding the replacement.


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I done what Jayeff suggested and mine is giving off a purple light so I assume it's working bit I point it at my TV and nothing happens

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