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Keyboard giving Greek symbols

I cleaned my 5 year old MacBook Air with baby wipes as usual but this time straight after I am getting Greek symbols on the keyboard.

It's been over a week and I've tried everything to dry it out, I've also removed both alt, command and shift keys and swabbed down with IPA. No help.

I've read the guide on how to replace uppercase but it doesn't give details on keyboard replacement.

Keyboards can be bought for £16 which isn't too bad but is it not recommended to do a keyboard replacement

Also can anyone else suggest a fix to repair my existing keyboard

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Could it be that you accidentally changed the keyboard layout to Greek?


No I've checked that plus when opening the finder and clicking an item it selects half a dozen so i know the alt button is depressed....


British. Its def not a settings, keyboard keys are depressed...


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What keyboard appears when you go to "System Pref", "Keyboard", and "input sources"?

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