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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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What's damaged: IO Board, IO cable or both?

After I spilled coffee on my mid-2013 MacBook Air 13 I took everything apart to clean it. Used isopropyl alcohool and distilled water to clean it. The water was necessary to get rid of the sugar.

Put it all back together and everything seems to be working fine. Important bit: plugged my mouse in the IO board USB port and it's working. Speaker works too.

Shut it down to re-arrange the logic board, power it back on, and I try to charge it. It is not charging. MagSafe led doesn't light up. However, while it is not charging, it reports that it is powered from the power adaptor, with the cable plugged in.

The mouse is not working either in that USB port.

But, big surprise: the speaker is working just fine. So is the headphone jack.

I have a vague idea that I rushed to power it on, I probably should have let it dry up a few more days.

My question is this: is the IO board, IO cable or both that are damaged?


I removed the io cable and the fan spins up at full speed. USB cable is obviously not working.

To sum it all up. What is not working are the following:

1. Charging the battery.

2. Left USB port (on IO board).

3. Lid sensor (also on IO board?).

Apple's diagnostics test shows error PPP007 and PPP002.

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Actually, I've just solved this.

The problem? The I/O Board cable. Some of the pins were damaged by the liquid.

A friend fixed the cable and all -- and I mean all -- is working perfectly now.

I've ordered one anyway after looking at the pins, but since I fixed the original cable I'll keep it as a spare.

Have a great day folks!

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Hi! I am having a similar issue, and have replaced the battery. Would you mind telling me how your friend fixed the I/O Board cable? I'd love to get this fixed without replacing the board.

Thank you!


I'd also like to know what went wrong on the cable, how to identify if it's faulty and potentially repair it (or just replace)


I had my left i/o board and flex cable replaced after spilling milk tea on it but after receiving my laptop back I’m having the battery not charging issue as any charger would plug in and power my macbook but not charge it after a certain %


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chances are your logic board is shot. any type of liquid damage could be deadly to a device because of the extent, we can sometimes repair the device but sometimes we can't.

Update (11/16/2016)

well with the left usb port not working the lid sensor not working and it won't charge that is definitely a logic board issue at least it sounds like it. You could bring it to your local repair shop and see if they can fix that for you.

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The laptop works. It powers on, everything works fine, except:

1. It won't charge.

2. Lid sensor isn't working.

3. Left USB port isn't working.


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