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Notebook in the Sony Vaio TX Series released in 2006 and also known as VGN-TX750P.

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Laptop does not receive a strong wireless signal.

What should I do in order to receive a stronger wireless signal?

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Hi. Is this a problem at any location and on different wireless networks? Or is this basically a laptop in a "fixed" position, not moving around, that has only had low quality wireless reception on one network?


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Hello Arundhati,

Your computer may not be receiving a strong wireless signal for a few reasons.

- You may have your computer in a location that cannot receive a strong wireless connection. If this is the case, moving your laptop closer to your router should help.

- Another issue could be the antenna of your laptop. Make sure your antenna is fully connected by pushing it in.

- If neither of the before options help, then you may need to replace your computer's antenna. Refer to the antenna replacement guide here for instructions on how to replace your computer's antenna.

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Looking to add my network. Not letting me do so.


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