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Why my iPod 4 is not working?

I was using my ipod and it just randomly shut off. then i tried turning it back on and the apple logo appeared. IT JUST STAYS LIKE THAT! ive gone through the troubleshooting guide and nothing worked. By the way, it is on full battery. when i plug my ipod in my computer it dosent come up on itunes, so i cant restore it! and when the apple logo comes up it stays like that for about 10 minutes then it comes up with that loading circle, then it just resets itself. IT KEEPS DOING IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! PLEASE HELP!

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Plug it into your computer, then hold down the power and home buttons for about 20 seconds, until you see the iTunes logo on the iPod screen. Let go of the buttons, then launch iTunes on your computer and follow the prompts to restore the software.

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1.. Hold the home button for 5 seconds

2.. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds while still holding home button..

3.. After the 10 seconds release the power button but continue holding home button for a further 30 seconds..


Thank you the 20 secs worked for me. I'm returning mine for replacement as all do not have this problem. Hopefully I get a good one this time.


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thankss it really helped and it acc worked

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