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Down jackets wrap you in soft warmth, insulating your core from freezing temperatures and wind. They are highly compressible, extremely lightweight for their warmth, and ultra-comfortable for all day use.

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Zipper gets stuck all the time

Patagonia TorrentShell jacket

Zipper of my Patagonia TorrentShell gets stuck all the time. It stops in neck area when trying to get it closed. Fabric of inner stormflap gets stuck between zipper.

Has anyone tried to sew a some kind of reinforcement to stormflap? Maybe repair tape in flap will prevent it getting between zipper?

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villemitikka - I had this issue too and took my jacket to Patagonia - they ran 5 lines of stitching down the inside flap to stop it from snagging and it's worked perfectlyl. They have a free of charge repair or replace area in their stores.

Hope this helps!


John - Thanks for your answer. Sounds good and easy. Got to try stitching by myself.


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Here's the guide on zipper repair for the Patagonia:

Installing A Main Zipper In Your Patagonia Down Jacket

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villemitikka , I do not own this type of jacket, on a jacket that I had, did have this problem, so what I did when zipping up I would use my index finger to keep (guide) inner flap material away in the collar/problem area while zipping up. Worked for me. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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try using a old candle and run it up and down the zipper a few time to both sides of the zipper it will make it slide with ease

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