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Fans bumping not spinning not powering on

I replace the lower case, everything went smooth, but now when I hooked up the battery and hit power the fans just bump and do nothing... I hook up the power supply and the fans bump constantly. I get a green light on the power supply, the battery is at 3 lights but won't charge... I replaced the I/O board and the same issue. I reset the SMC and tested the jumper on the logic board for the power bypass... fans respond same. Is this a logic board problem now? Any help is appreciated.


Hey Ralph thanks for the idea... stripped the computer down again and checked the fram rib and double checked the screws as you suggested... got all the right one in the right place and not ripped down tight, didn't see any dents in the lower case to show the screws touching. Same issue persists.

Block Image

Can't see it moving in a pic, but that green light is with a battery with only 3 lights. Thanks again.

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Sorry for the delay in my answer. In my case I had done a full lower case replacement. My issue was bad ribbon cables, the ones connecting the I/O board to the logic board was not sitting flush. fixed that issue but the right fan still didn't spin, so I unhooked the DVD player and then the right fan spun and the machine booted up. If you are getting a green light on your charger with your battery dead then power is not getting past the I/O board. Wondering is something came lose when you pulled the top case off.


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Hi, I would go back over the lower case replacement looking in particular at screw lengths. Sometimes if you get one wrong you can short out a process. Ralph

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had the same problem.

what i would try in your case, unplug that small ribbon cable off motherboard, the one connecting superdrive...

if laptop turns on, its faulty ribbon and you need to replace it. if it doesnt turn on, then...

well, worth trying...

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Worth a try. Ralph +


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I have a Macbook Pro that experiences exactly the same issue.

- MagSafe working (green light)

- Fans bumping with stable frecuency

- Power button does nothing except make the funs bumping a little bit faster.

- MBP Doesn't do anything, no startup, no sound, no hdd start, no Superdrive start, nothing

What i did:

1- Before opening the topcase, the MBP was starting up and booting OS correctly (but with a display failure)

2- Removed the Battery and Memory cards

3- removed all the screws to open the Topcase

4- Removed the topcase without issues

5- Try to turn on to see how the Fans run and internal parts run -> NO Startup anymore!!!!

What I have tried:

- Reset the PRAM

- Reset the SMC

- Review all the cables on MB

Nothing helps.

Note: My Battery is completely dead. I don't know if this it's needed to make some of the resets.

I can't understand why just with the opening, its not more starting up?

Luci, did you find the solution?


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I have had the same issue also. As a matter of fact this happened to one other MacBook Pro I repaired also. When removing the logic board you may have pulled rather hard on the wire connector that receives power from the logic board. The connectors either slide in place or just snap in place.The early 1150A units had a large white connector that slides in place. The newer models have a black connector that snaps in place. When disconnecting the wires from the board you should gently slide out or lift up the connector. The ones that slide out are white, the ones that snap in place are black. When removing the connector you probably pulled one of the four wires loose from the fan. More than likely, the red one. This can be repaired by re-soldering it back on. Very hard to do. It may be to your advantage to look for a replacement fan. Just be sure to get the right fan and model assembly. The fans of different models are actually the same part number, it is the connector to the logic board that differs. The early 1150A units had a large white connector that slides in place. The newer models have a black connector that snaps in place Because of this the fans are not interchangeable as one may assume they are.

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