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Facetime camera and Earpiece not working.

Hi all looking for some advice. I recently replaced the screen on iPhone 6S Plus. Now the Facetime camera and ear piece don't work. The front facing camera and flash light work. I can also still record video and sounds. Any help much appreciated.

Update (11/27/2016)

Checked the connection it clicks into place every time. I tried the ear peace through Siri which now works should if tried it in the first place. So it's just the camera nit functioning now. Thanks for the advice so far. This is my first repair.

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You probably made a mistake when re-connecting the FPC connectors from the screen. The connector for the camera needs to be properly seated on the logic board for it to work. They are very delicate and can be easily damaged in you are not careful.

Look carefully at steps 17 & 18 from this guide.

iPhone 6s Plus Screen Replacement

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You can even use the Facetime app on your Windows PC without any hassles if you have a PC or a laptop. It works just fine. You can go through Facetime for PC and learn how to use it on your PC or laptop with ease.

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Thanks guys it was the cable, a quick replacement all works fine now.

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