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Replacement screens not working

Customer has a broken screen, I replace the screen and get a black screen, check connections all good so I try another replacement screen still black screen. I had replaced a 5s screen earlier that day so I decided to try it on this phone as I know it works and the damaged screen works. So I try the other screens again and they still don't work.

Thinking that I just received 2 faulty screens I order in 2 more screens and received 2 replacement screens and I test them on this unit and nothing however when I install the damaged screen it works.

Has anyone had this issue or have any ideas?

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where did you order the screens from?

I've had whole (100+) batches of screens be bad. Its not common but its not uncommon either. But its for sure maddening when it happens.


When I install the broken screen assembly from a phone interview had replaced earlier everything is working including the backlight. It doesn't make sense that the new replacement screens don't work with this device however a broken screen assembly works.


Disconnect and reconnect the battery.....


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Hi @phyreguy . If an old broken screen works on your iPhone 5S then clearly there is no problem with your phone (i.e. backlight). As @joshw said, it is not uncommon to get bad batches of screens or vendors that send junk. Did the 4 screens come from the same vendor? In the same batch?

I would try ordering from someone else to see if that solves your problem.

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Hello, i am so sorry to hear about your issue. It kind of sounds to me like you might have a motherboard backlight issue. When you have the screen on the phone, and the phone is on, shine a flashlight over it and see if you can see the contents on the phone. If it may seem like the brightness is super super dim, it means the back light component on the phone got burnt out. This can happen by leaving the phone on or just leaving the battery plugged in while replacing the screen.

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Disconnect and reconnect the battery

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