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The Visual Land Prestige Elite 8Q is an 8-inch Android tablet produced by Visual Land.

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It was dropped and now won't work, not sure where to go or how to fix

I would like to know where to bring or send my tablet get repairs. It was dropped and now won't turn on at all.

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If you wish to try and see if you can fix it yourself, here is a link to the Ifixit repair guide(s) for a Visual Land Prestige Elite Pro 7D. I realize that this is not your model but it is close enough to enable you to open the tablet and see if there is anything obviously broken inside.

Visual Land Prestige Pro 7D

Once you have it open and nothing is obvious then take some close up pictures and post them back here so that others can see what you can see and perhaps may be able to spot what is wrong.

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If this sounds all too daunting then I suggest that you contact 2 or 3 reputable, professional computer or mobile phone repair services and ask for a quote to repair your tablet. I say 2-3 so that you will have a better idea of the cost if all the quotes are reasonably similar. Also ask what guarantee they provide on their repair. Most reputable repairers give at least a 30 day guarantee on their work.

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