Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Broken home button flex cable

I have a broken flex cable on my iPhone 6 home button. It's completely cut in half. Is there any way to repair? I didn't do this. LOL Im a repair guy. This is shoddy work a customer wants me to try and fix. Error 53 is solved BTW right? Honestly haven't had issue with error 53 before, so I suppose it sounds like a stupid question.

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Does he want the fingerprint scanner to work? If not just use a aftermarket home button.


That was my first suggestion... He would like to restore the touch ID


Error 53 is destroyed. No need to worry about that at least. Realistically it is not worth fixing the home button cable.

I know it's possible by transferring the NXP chips from one genuine home button to another but that is on the iPhone 5s at least.


Hi @benjamen50. I've seen this statement floated around a few times of late yet I cannot find anything or anyone who shows they can do this. Do you know this for certain? I'd love to learn more.


I have the same problem and I will try to fix it. ;)


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Realistically, no it is not possible.

You are unfortunate that the tear is so close to the actual button. In theory, you could re-establish the connections that were severed . In reality, there are 6-8 connections on a flexible mylar strip only a few millimeters wide and you have very little flex to work with.

This would be a super challenging task for a very experienced micro-solderer. This is clearly not a DIY repair.

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Ok. It's not impossible. And this isn't really a data connection. What is this repair called? So I can inquire on getting a quote and contracting this repair out. Thank you.

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how does a screen repair at the apple store solve a broken home button?


Ask around for repairing a torn home button flex. To be honest, depending on your location, it will probably be more cost effective to go to the Apple store and have a screen replacement done; they may replace the Home button at the same time


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