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The Kia Optima is a mid-size car produced by Kia Motors beginning in 2000 and marketed globally with various names. Firsts-generation cars (2001-2005) were generally sold as the Optima, though the name Kia Magentis was used in Europe and Canada when sales in those regions began in 2002.

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will not take gas (please read at my wits end)

When I go to pump gas at a gas pump it spills right back out even though the tank is empty. Have done some things already, change evap canister and sensor with evap. Disconnected filler hose and looked all the way to the filler door inside tank everything looked ok. Anything else I can try? I have come to the end of the line here. Thanks in Advance!

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paulr1076 , You did change the evap. canister already so I assume this would include checking the lines for flow and not pinched while you were at it. Along with the large gas filler neck tube are a couple other metal or rubber tubes connected, one of the other small tube vent the air also when filling tank, perhaps remove the gas filler tube assy, and check for blockage, you can run a wire down or use compressed air to blow out. Also on some models there may be a small one way valve attached that may be clogged or if it ever been replaced may have been installed backwards. I had experienced this problem in a truck i had, temporarily I just did not stick the gas pump nozzle in too far(1/2 way), this allowed air to escape a bit better. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Same thing happened to me it was a clogged breather hose thatis connected to the gas tank filler neck on mine was a rubber hose that got stuff clogged in it so when i wwnt ro put gas in there was no was for the air to vent out as gas was added so every 15 to 20 cents i would have to wait a couple minutes hope this helps good luck

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