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Down jackets wrap you in soft warmth, insulating your core from freezing temperatures and wind. They are highly compressible, extremely lightweight for their warmth, and ultra-comfortable for all day use.

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My Patagonia coat leaks down.

My Patagonia coat leaks down. I turned in one in hopes the new one wouldn't leak, but it does. I can't wear it with anything black or navy or charcoal. Very disappointed. Was told to run it through the driver many times--that didn't work.

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If you washed you coat at all in detergent or bleach or used fabric softeners you will have destroyed the protective waterproof coating . You may find this artical helpful


Hope this helps

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I did not wash it at all. I seldom wear it because of the leaking. It has leaked down since day one. My first one did, as well. But my down 'sweater' does not.


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