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Why does my Bosch SHE3AR52UC/08 Dishwasher run forever?

We have a Bosch SHE3AR52UC/08 Dishwasher. When started, it will run forever. If we start a cycle before we go to bed, it will still be running in the morning.

I've heard of Bosch dishwashers having this problem when the heating element isn't working. That isn't the case here. The water gets as hot as any dishwasher I've used.

One notable behavior is that, eventually, it starts to periodically pause for a minute or so. The sound of washing stops, and the "Active" light blinks slowly and steadily. Then the sound of washing resumes.

Has anyone seen this? Could it be a problem with the soil sensor?

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Same problem here. My long cycle will run for 3 hours. The short cycle for 2 hours and 54 minutes!


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jonhendry, Use the links below to help diagnose why your dishwasher runs extended periods of time.

First step is to run the built-in diagnostics Link #1 will show how to run self diagnostics.

Link #2 pg 16 self help in manual give some reasons for dishwasher running extended periods of time.

Link #3 It could be a faulty/bad control board that the timer is in.

Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.




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Having same problem exactly with constructa CG462j5.

checked board ,cleaned contacts ,nothing found bad.

I need to pause the cycle and continue ,thus water is heating and cycle finishes ok.

What else may be?




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