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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Keyboard and Trackpad not working


I replaced the trackpad of my Macbook Air and after the power up trackpad and keyboard are working fine.

Then I type in my password and the system is booting. After this reboot keyboard and trackpad are completly dead. An external mouse is working fine.

The system reports, that there is no keyboard.

I rebooted several times, but the behaviour is still the same: right afer power up keyboard and trackpad are fine, when the reboot is complete, both are inoperable.

I resetted the NVRAM, no change.

Is anybody having an idea what to do?

Many thanks in advance.


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Was the battery swollen?


No. The battery looks fine.


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Try a trackpad cable, but I doubt this will fix the issue. Also try booting with the keyboard disconnected, enter the password using an external keyboard and see if the trackpad still works after boot.

Sounds like an issue with the PCH to be honest, had one like this before where the trackpad and keys would work in the boot up selection menu, but when in an OS it would stop working.

Why did you replace the trackpad by the way? Was it working fine before you needed to replace this?

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The old trackpad went "crazy" more or less immediately after reboot. The mouse pointer jumped across the screen, unintenionally it released a mouse klick or prohibited any keyboard input.

The threads I read concerning this issue mostly pointed to the trackpad. Do you think it could be the cable?


Check the old trackpad to make sure the board looks the same as the new one. It could be possible you fitted a slightly different year of the 13" Air trackpad, which could cause this issue.


I compared the old and the new one. They look identical. Even the description on the chips are the same.


I would say it is an issue with the PCH in that case, trackpad cables are cheap (£4 over here), so I guess it is worth a shot. Check the board for liquid damage, there could be some on the board causing this issue (trackpad working by itself is 99% caused by liquid damage). Check trackpad cable (both ends) for liquid.


Ok. I'll get some new cables. There is no obvious liquid, which could have penetrated the pad or the cable, but you bever know...

What still bothers me is, that the trackpad and the keyboard seem to work well during boot up. The BIOS is able to communicate properly with pad and keyboard. Otherwise it would be impossible to type my user name and passowrd. I also can control the mouse pointer and release clicks using the pad.

If then the OS takes over (boot cycle complete), pad and keyboard are dead. For me it looks more like a software problem rather than a hardware problem.

I'm not an apple expert, but on a windows system I would check the driver configuration.

What am I missing? Can you enlighten me?


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This problem has to do with the top casing (keyboard). It occurs when the keyboard is replaced with another keyboard of a different model. Unusual power consumption of the new keyboard causes the random trip offs. For example if you try to use another component (eg inbuilt iSight Web cam) that shares the same USB hub, the keyboard/trackpad trips off. Also restarting the system trips off the keyboard/trackpad. There's a temporary fix though...

If the keyboard/trackpad trips off, use the system till battery dies and goes off by itself; leave it for about a day without charging, then plug in the charger and turn on the system. The keyboard and trackpad should come on.

When you have your keyboard/trackpad working; my advise is:

Never restart your system.

When you are through working with it, just close the lid (sleep), DONT SHUT DOWN OR RESTART!

Don't use the inbuilt iSight camera.


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