Microphone does'nt work after repair


I did a repair this weekend which included the removal of the logicboard (I replaced the battery on the back).

Everything went well and the iMac works just fine now afterwards. But the built in microphone seams dead, the bars in the sound setting doesn't show any life what so ever when I test it in the sound settings.

So I'm thinking that perhaps I forgot a connector or something, I don't know. Seams odd though, thinking that all the work took place at the lower part of the iMac and the microphone is located at the top. The built in webcam works just fine I can add.

So my question to you experienced iFixers is:

Did I forget a connector or what do you think could have happened to the mic, regarding my repair the day before?

I'm going to take a look this the upcoming weekend, so any tip would be much appreciated.

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