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Good quality components, for sale besides "Radio Shack and google

I live on a little island @ the top of Vancouver Island - 7 1/2 mile by boat, then some 200 miles to the closest Radio Shack,Does any one deal with a store in Canada. that sells good quality components, as in resistors capacitors, etc. besides Radio Shack and Google ,which will send them by mail order to us folks up in the back woods and Northern Islands? Just trying to give business to a local private little guy. Thanks Jon

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Sad to say Radio Shack is in the process of closing more stores. I'm not sure if they will survive here in the US market.

Many tech brick & mortar stores are struggling to survive the online age of purchasing even the small stuff like resistors & capacitors are getting hard to find on the shelf.

I use this store locally to me: You Do It Electronics they are a small company thats been around since the 1950's! And they do ship into Canada!

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