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Released 2008, identified by model number DC24.

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My hose will not come out for cleaning high places.

My hose will not come out for cleaning high places. It is like it is stuck and I can not pull it out like I use to pull out to clean around the windows and such. What can I do this jam is driving me crazy. Thank you for any help or assistance.

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It can be seriously frustrating when you spend upwards of $500 for a top of the line vacuum that simply "breaks" for no apparent reason! Well, fear not! You are not going to have to head to the local repair shop to shell out more money to fix it, and ladies you will probably score some major points with your husband ( for being able to repair your own machine).

First and foremost remember, IT'S A MATTER OF TECHNIQUE- NOT FORCE OR STRENGTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These instructions are being based on assuming the METAL WAND PART of your vaccum is able to slide up, but it stops and won't pull out to be put in use, this is what you should do:

Take one hand and pull UP on the metal part of the wand

As you are pulling up on the metal part of the want, take your other hand and pull DOWN on the rubber part of the hose (NOTHING FORCEFUL)

The rubber part of the hose will start to loosen, so start pulling in an outward direction

Continue to pull on the rubber hose in an outward horizontal direction

Then start fully stretching the rubber hose out like you would do a slinky toy.

(This motion is releasing any kinks etc. that has caused the initial problem of the stuck wand)

This action should cause the metal wand to be released and pulled out easily to become fully functioning again.

See if this video helps:



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Thank you so much, its been over a month that I couldn't use my hose because it was stuck, I've had it probably 5 yrs and never had a problem. Followed your direction s, it worked... guess we were putting to much pressure on it. Thank you, Thank you!


Thank you! I couldn’t figure out why my 14 year old Dyson was suddenly doing this, but this was the fix! (And yeah, my Dyson Ball has been going strong for 14 years, versus every other vacuum I’ve had that lasted 3 at most!)


Hooray! I was on the point of going to buy a new vacuum cleaner. What a simple fix. Thanks, Dyson.


Thank you so much. This was my kids vacuum and I thought I broke it and was dreading the possibility that I was going to have to replace. Your directions worked perfectly


Nice one. Thank you.


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Must be doing something wrong. By “metal part” do you mean the red extender? Ours will only come up 1/8th of an inch. We can't get the hose to budge (top or bottom). I think we’re headed for a shop repair ☹️

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