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Have a horizontal line across the middle of screen - what is wrong?

have a horizontal line across middle of screen

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@kayzinha what model is your TV? How big is the line? single pixel width or multiple pixels wide?


This is not a t.v. it's a touch pad computer


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@kayzinha horizonatl lines are usually a sign of a bad panel, not a T-con board. However, you do want to remove the back of your TV and ensure that all cables are properly seated and check for any obvious damage on any board. Check for leaking or domed capacitors, missing or burned components. It might help if you post some images of what your display looks like as well as your boards. That would allow us o see what you see. Use this guide for that. Another thing you want to check the small ribbon cables that enter the LCD on the side. Press on those and see if the line disappears.

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