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Released February 2015, the Samsung Galaxy A7 operates on Android OS, features a Super AMOLED screen and an octa-core processor.

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No display on Samsung galaxy A7

I dropped my Samsung galaxy A7 on the escalator and hence lost display. Please help me to recover the data from the phone.

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im having a problem translating the answer. sorry!


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il faut activer le débogage usb pour faire une connexion avec le pc si vous n'arriver pas a activer le débogage il faut mettre votre portable sur le Z3X pour activer se mode ensuite vous pouvez se connecter sur l'un des programme pour récupérer vous donnés si non vous devez changer votre afficheur

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can't read french, please convert to english and don't have app


Google translate says:

You have to enable usb debugging to make a connection with the pc if you can not manage to debug it you have to put your laptop on the Z3X to activate mode then you can connect to one of the program to get you back If not you must change your display


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my phone turn on off and logo and cannot open if i charge or push power button they still like that

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