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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by Azend/Envizen.

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Can't turn on tablet

I bought a EVT 10Q from HSN for some reason I can't turn it on its fully charged It has a warranty and I would like to know the procedure in sending it back for repair I've called several times and left messages that's why the email please let me know something asap my contact information is as follows:

Email [email removed for privacy]

Phone [Phone number removed for privacy]

Tablet model EVT 10Q

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I also have this problem


My problem is kind of similar to this. My issue is that my original cord broke and the wall piece was stolen. So I need a replacement for the entire cord. My tablet is dead and Google has so far failed me on where I can find a replacement. All my search turns up, is about the tablets themselves or ac adapters with the wrong end shape. I just need a charger. Please help?!


Hi I am having trouble sighing in


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So I searched several sites including new egg, amazon and the suggested site was http://www.envizendigital.com/ which isn't an actual site. There is no customer support that I can find from envizen themselves. If you purchased a 3rd party warranty from someone other than the manufacturer I would need that info in order to tell you what you need to do to send it back for repairs. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

- Jacob

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I also have the same tablet bought from HSN. here is the info I have on the back of the manual that came

with my tablet. U.S.A. Ziotech Corp

13517 Benson Ave

Chico, Ca 91710


I hope this helps. I believe the company that make these tablets are out of business. btw, I bought my

tablet in dec 16 or jan 17. I also think these tablets might be old. I don't even know what year mine was

made. I hope this info above helps you. Pls pass it on, its a repair service for these


Sincerely. [email removed for privacy]

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