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Uneven backlight brightness after keyboard replacement

Ive just changed the keyboard on my a1369 macbook air. Repair went well and now have a working keyboard with no issues apart from the backlight being uneven.

The left third of keyboard is fine, where the middle is brighter and the final third is a little dimmer.

I suppose Im going to have to take it apart again to get it right but I don't really want to be messing too much with the backlight.

I ripped my original removing the keyboard so I know how fragile it is. Well I wasn't really trying to be careful as I had bought a new keyboard that came with backlight...

What is the issue and what is needed to diffuse the backlight evenly as I can't think what I could of done wrong...

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Dodgy backlight if this is with the new one. The copy backlights are a load of rubbish, and never distribute light evenly.

Contact the seller and return the backlight for a partial refund. Either order a new original one (will have stickers and dots on white part, see picture) or an original used (will have marks on backing, but will light up evenly since it is original).

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